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Official page of the virtuoso percussionist, Kahlil Cummings.

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Extra Ancestral Workshop Ewe Ode

Extra Ancestral presents: Ewe Ode. Workshop Feat. Kahlil Cummings, Rachel Hernandez, and Freila Blanco. Delve into the dance, music and mythology of the orixas. This intensive offers an interactive and comprehensive exploration into the songs, movements, rhythms and stories of the orixas Ochoosi, Ossain. Dancers will complete traditional dances to live drumming and song. Extra Ancestral is very excited to host this event dedicated to enriching our collective knowledge of Ancestry from the African Diaspora. The Extra Ancestral Series offers all dancers an opportunity to deepen their knowledge of one orixa or aspect of the African Diaspora, and beyond.

Drumming w/ Kahlil Cummings 12pm-1pm

Afro Brasilian Dance w/ Rachel Hernandez

Afro Cuban Dance w/ Freila Blanco