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Official page of the virtuoso percussionist, Kahlil Cummings.

Soy Africano This Weekend

Actually, all the time! Seriously, though, the second concert in the 30th season of Grand Performances, Soy Africano is going to set a very high bar. We are bringing sounds that are made to change your life. Here's how it's described on our director's website:

Dexter Story music directs and co-curates Soy Africano, a special Grand Performances concert on Saturday, June 18th celebrating the Latin influence on music of West Africa. In association with Grand Performances, Radio Afrique DJs/presenters/curators Sonny Abegaze and Rani de Leon partner with Story to bring a 15-piece orchestra to the California Plaza stage with visuals and stellar vocalists.
— Dexter Story

Here we are in rehearsal:

If you want to be all about this, you better get your strategy together. I've seen it all over Facebook and in La Opinión, Downtown News, and Latin Heat to name a few. Who's the Bestie that's gonna save your spot on Saturday afternoon so you can have room to dance that night?