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Obini Tambor...yes this is GOLD

When I started my Afro-Brazilian drumming class on Sundays at Brasil Brasil Cultiural Center, I was mainly looking for a way to support dance classes offered in the same genre. It really improves the quality of the dancing when the dancer at least understands the rhythm and how it is supporting the movement. Things were alright. I got some serious drum assistants from that class who help with the dance class that immediately follows. Taught by Rachel Hernandez, the class is super high energy and just goes to the next level when my drum class regulars hit the dance floor.

So after a year or so, I realized that mainly women were showing up BIG for this class. The drumming was solid and the vibe deep, potent. Next thing I know, I've got an all women's drum corp doing gigs!  Seriously, there were some other twists and turns in there, but these women enjoy the drum and LOVE supporting community with their drum magic.


So let me introduce, Obini Tambor.