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Official page of the virtuoso percussionist, Kahlil Cummings.

Standing Up: The Drum Speaks, The Drum Heals, The Drum Frees Your Soul

On most Monday nights you will find me at KAOS Network at the corner of Leimert Blvd and 43rd Place. I run a donation-based community African drum class, facilitated by the Rhythm Arts Alliance. A few months ago, my students and community members joined forces and raised funds, love, and prayers in support of Standing Rock.  It was a last-minute plan, but the proceeds went very well. In return, we got lots of love from our folks out there on the Plains. 

I’m giving classes in Leimert Park because I grew up here. I am part of the history of the drum here, thanks to my father, Rahsan Cummings. It shows how much support I have in the community to be able to pull off such a well supported effort at the spur of the moment. I’m thankful for my community around me. Through Rhythm Arts Alliance we provide community classes all over the city, yes, but it has always been my effort, regardless, to do the real work… I think it's time to share such things.

As a thank you for this deed, our connection at Standing Rock parted with this painting…

I also want to acknowledge Temryss Xeli'tia Lane and all her work and efforts for Standing Rock. She was my contact out there and brought the painting back that you see above.. A lot of groups claim to be spiritual activists, but this kind of work and what we did at the Women’s March with the Axé Collective is what counts...creating community and creating culture that feeds the soul and honors the earth.